Financial Aid & 计费

Receiving financial aid & paying for college

At Jamestown 社区 College, we recognize that paying for a college education is a significant commitment and investment. Financial Aid and 计费, comprised of JCC's financial aid and business offices, will help you understand your bill, maximize financial aid from all possible sources, and complete your Certificate of Residence requirements.

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The 2024-25 FAFSA includes major updates to improve the process and form:

  1. The 2024-25 FAFSA form is live.
  2. Anyone who provides information on your FAFSA form will be a "contributor," which is a new term. The FAFSA form will tell you who needs to be a contributor based on your answers to certain questions.
  3. You and your contributors must provide consent and approval to be eligible for federal student aid.
  4. You and your contributors won’t be able to access the FAFSA form without a StudentAid.政府账户. Your contributors will be able to create a StudentAid.政府账户 even if they don’t have a Social Security Number. 作为一名学生, you’ll be required to enter your SSN (unless you’re a citizen of the Freely Associated States) to create your StudentAid.政府账户.
  5. The Student Aid Index (SAI) replaces the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Once JCC knows your SAI, we will use it to calculate your aid award.
  6. Pell grant eligibility has expanded to consider more information, including family size and federal poverty guidelines.
  7. The FAFSA Submission Summary replaces the Student Aid Report.

JCC’s FAFSA completion team can help you with the FAFSA. 联系716.338.1000 to get started.

New York State residents planning to attend a State University of New York college should apply for the New York Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

TAP is available for eligible students taking six or more credit hours per semester in their program of study.

TAP awards are based on NYS net taxable income and other factors. FAFSA applicants will link to the TAP application if:

  • You are a New York State resident, and
  • You included at least one approved NYS college on your FAFSA.